Talented Touch
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About the Practitioner

Daniel Gerzon, LMT

DC License # MT-0618.

VA License # 0019003278.

NCBTMB # 28044-00.

ABMP # 267279.

The inclusion of Somatic Movement Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching into my practice is proving to support both clients' and my own aspirations.  

Based on extensive training and nineteen years of hands-on experience, I remain committed to providing the highest quality of professional care in all aspects of the treatments I provide to patients.

As always, I greatly appreciate all past, current and future clients !  Each person offers a wealth of insights supporting my ongoing explorations into the ever-expanding realm of therapeutic bodywork.

Please note: Aware that the second image still shows expired version of my NCBTMB certificate, I will upload that current one soon too.  Posted: 06/01/2016.


NCBTMB Certificate


DC LMT License