Talented Touch
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Individual treatments, special discounts.

My work style typically combines techniques from various bodywork modalities and, therefore, the rates are based on length of time.  While I commit to adhere to the booked time, I do allow for a 15 minute extension if indicated. 
Depending on your needs and preferences, I apply elements of Swedish, Deep-tissue, Sports or Myo-fascial release as well as fundamentals of Somatic Movement Therapy, Laban Movement Analysis and principles of Active Isolated Stretching as developed by Aaron Mattes.  The couples learning sessions can equally involve a combination of techniques.

Unsure of how long a session is best for your specific needs... feel free to call or email me first.

  30 Minutes - $   50
    45 Minutes - $ 70
    60 Minutes - $ 90
  90 Minutes - $ 120
120 Minutes - $ 150

Special Discounts

An all time 20 % discount is available to artists, dancers, seniors, students, teachers, non-profit employees and military personnel.

On week days, there is a 20% discount to anyone from:

10am to noon & 2pm to 4pm

A combined discount (e.g. teacher at 11am) brings it to 30%.

Call or email if you need my services yet can not afford it.