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Currently, I am enrolled in a Human Movement Sciences program and unavailable for massage therapy - if you need a therapeutic massage, you can 

call Maru at Touch Studio of Massage via:

202-429-8666 (cell phone)

or visit: https://www.touchstudioofmassage.com

Additional updates are to follow in due time.

The therapeutic bodywork which I offer combines active isolated stretching and somatic movement therapy. My work style has an educational and participatory approach and I am committed to facilitate improvement of the condition presented. While you are likely to relax and feel better, you can equally learn a few things about the body altogether.

Given the still precarious situation due to COVID-19, please wear a mask to your appointment. It is also expected that common sense precautions are in place, i.e. you have no pertinent symptoms, nor recently been in 'at risk' situations, including close contact with any persons who potentially tested positive to COVID-19 or its variants, that you are aware of.  I confirm the above conditions for myself, am fully vaccinated (Moderna), wear a mask throughout the entire appointment and sanitize all pertinent areas of the clinic and the treatment room shortly prior to every appointment. The building (Dupont Medical Building, 1234 19th Street, NW) is also continuously sanitized, lobby area, hallways and elevators equipped with ultra-violet sanitization devices.

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A patient's comfort is the most important aspect of a session and while the Health Intake & Consent Form gives you the opportunity to share your reason for choosing my services, we will also discuss your specific needs and level of comfort prior to the session. While I do verbally communicate and demonstrate how e.g. muscles, tendons, ligaments and the skeleton relate, during the hands-on part of the session, I equally value the benefits of working in silence and anticipate your feedback to this regard as well. As I work on the physical conditions presented, I aim to elicit a somatic (cellular) awareness to the body. 

At the start of a session, I typically incorporate a brief posture analysis to best customize the treatment to meet your specific goals.  Accordingly, I then apply the hands-on part through a combination of massage, somatic movement therapy and stretching techniques.  If you like, to make the most of a treatment in support of any long term self-care aspirations, I offer common sense advice on ways to adjust your individual movement patterns.  A session's effectiveness then, can be valued by an improved 'ergonomic functioning' during routine activities, such as sitting, standing, walking, exercises at the gym, dance or yoga practice, sports activity, etc.

If this resonates with your interests, please add a note about your specific needs when you schedule a session via the Appointment Book.  You can also already preview and fill out the online Health Intake & Consent Form else, do so at the clinic.

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Personal note

The inclusion of Somatic Movement Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching into my practice is proving to support both clients' and my own aspirations.  Descriptions on these modalities are on the Therapy Variety page and will be expanded over time.

Based on extensive training and over twenty years of hands-on experience, I remain committed to providing the highest quality of professional care in all aspects of treating patients.

In order to maintain a sustainable practice and serve each individual's therapy needs as well as my own professional aspirations, I have redefined my specific services:

Somatic Movement Therapy:  If you wish to resolve an acute or chronic condition your body is experiencing, Somatic Movement Therapy offers the necessary awareness to elicit lasting changes, either in and of itself or along with massage and/or stretching.

Active Isolated Stretching:  This highly effective method of stretching can be more remedial than the soft tissue manipulation obtained in massage.  A combination may be indicated, depending on specific conditions of muscles, tendons, ligaments and overall movement patterns.
Massage therapy:  Among the better known and more popular forms of bodywork, my style has an educational and participatory approach, please see the descriptions on the Therapy Variety page.

Massage for Couples:  Having taught formal workshops in the past, I still enjoy sharing the art of providing massages.  If you already give each other mini massages and would like to learn more, a two hour session can be a great experience.  Typically, couples learn the tricks of the trade quickly and, often already naturally skilled, benefit by receiving a boost of confidence in learning the specific techniques covered.  

As always, I greatly appreciate all past, current and future clients !  Each person offers a wealth of insights supporting my ongoing explorations into the ever-expanding realm of therapeutic bodywork.

Thank you for reading.

Daniel Gerzon, LMT

DC License # MT-0618.
VA License # 0019003278.
NCBTMB # 28044-00.
ABMP # 267279.